St. Luke's Church, Borella
St Luke's Church Borella - Front View
St. Luke's Church, Borella
Date of Consecration
1941 - 10 - 18
Date of Dedication
1881 - 06 - 30
Colombo Archdeaconry
Revd. Lakshman Daniel

On 5 October, 1875, arrangements were made for the construction of an Anglican Church in Borella. The need for a Church in this area grew when hospitals were built in the area and the community doubled in size. For the building of this Church Dr. J.L Vanderstraaten made the proposal and offered to act as treasurer. He was a prominent physician and the author of books and medical literature on children’s diseases. Mr. W.S Le Feuvre undertook the duties of Secretary. The estimate was a modest Rs 12,000. The proximity to hospitals and medical institutions influenced the choice of the name of St. Luke, the beloved physician.

When about half the projected target was collected, the work began in earnest. A plot of land almost two acres in extent a few hundred yards away from the central pivot of the Borella area, was purchased for 600 sterling pounds. The British monetary system of pounds, shillings and pence was in use although the decimal system had been introduced from 1 January 1872.

The foundation stone was laid on 8 October 1880 by rev. Ireland Jones who was the founder of Trinity College, Kandy. In less than one year the Church was ready, and was dedicated on 30 June 1881, also by the rev. Ireland Jones who preached from the pulpit donated by Mr. Jeronis Peiris. The Baptismal font was donated by Mr. J.L Vanderstraaten.

In the Church, services were in Sinhala and were conducted by the clergy of Christ Church Kotte and the Tamil services were held by the clergy of Christ Church, Galle Face. Services in English were held by CMS missionaries. The Rve. G.T Fleming was appointed in 1895 to be in charge of the Tamil congregation. His appeal for funds helped in the construction of the Fleming hall for Church organizations and the Sunday School.

In the 1920’s many new parishioners joined the Tamil services from St. Paul’s Church, Pettah. Likewise many of the Burgher population from Mount Mary and Dematagoda joined St. Luke’s Church.

The Rev. H.V Ivan S Corea was appointed incumbent of the parish in 1929. This was the period in which the Guild of the Divine Compassion was founded. The missionary outreach of this Guild was extended to cover hospital visiting and work on behalf of the prisons. Baptisms and confirmations showed marked increases and the Church was actively engaged in missionary work including the Mother’s Union and Youth work and Sunday School education. Work also begun among the socially outcast Rodiya community in Narahenpitiya.

In Upper Welikada the parishioners of St. Luke’s Church did missionary work among the members of St. Stephen’s Church and helped increase their attendance at services. The Church of St. Luke’s now had a large congregation of worshippers.

The period of the second World War(1939-1945) saw increased activity in the parish. Work was undertaken for the change in design and capacity of the Church. The Gothic style of architecture was transformed by an inculturation with a traditional Kandyan Sinhala roof and transept while strictly retaining all the early features and its pillar- capitals, colonnades, and entablatures. The tablet for the extension of the Church was laid on the 17 October 1938 by Bishop’s Commissary Rev. Beven. On 30 June 1941, the extended Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Colombo Cecil Douglas Horsley.

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Postal Address
St.Luke's Church, Gnanartha Pradeepaya Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
0112 67 51 40

bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo


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