St. Stephen's Marawila
St. Stephen's Marawila
Date of Consecration
1871 - 01 - 18
Colombo Archdeaconry
Revd. Nesita Chandrasiri

This Church was built by the late Gate Mudliyar Susew De Soysa in 1870 and was handed over to the Diocese and consecrated by Bishop Claughton of Colombo on 18 January, 1871. Subsequently, the families of Mudliyar Seneviratne, James A De Silva, Mudliyar De Alwis and the Pandithasekeras were responsible for its completion. This quaint little church with its impressive dome atop, is one of the oldest surviving churches in the country with its beautiful stained- glass windows behind the altar.

St. Peter’s had a wonderful spiritual revival in 1941, when a catechist Charles Edward Weerasooriya took over. He gave to God, two of his sons, the former Archdeacon of Colombo, the Ven. Godwin Weerasuriya and his brother, the Ven. Lloyd Weerasuriya.

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Contact Details

Postal Address
St. Stephen’s Church, Marawilla, Sri Lanka.

bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo


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