The Project

The Samaritan Pledge is a project spearheaded by the Fund Raising Committee of the Diocese of Colombo, to provide a monthly cash supplement to the Clergy & Lay Workers past & present in the Church of Ceylon - Diocese of Colombo.

The Samaritan Pledge focuses on Galatians 6:6 which says, “the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.”

The Clergy & Lay Workers devote their lives to a selfless and sacrificial journey. Unrealized by many is that whilst supporting their immediate family, the Clergy and Lay Workers are also on call 24x7, visiting and praying for the sick and the elderly, whilst conducting prayer meetings, fulfilling Church responsibilities, visiting parishioners and supporting the needy.

Although the Diocese of Colombo provides a very basic stipend, lodging and transport allowance, the finances of the Diocese do not allow for a significant increase in the stipend to meet the current high cost of living. It is with this small sum that they manage their daily concerns of food, cost of medicines over and above the small annual allowance, clothing, education of children, tuition, school transport etc.

The Fund Raising Committee seeks to redress this shortfall, with a supplementary allowance through - The Samaritan Pledge.

Objective of Giving

• Supplement the beneficiaries whose source of income is the stipend issued by the diocese.
• Appreciate the beneficiaries for their selfless and tireless involvement in each parishioners life
Salient Features of the Project

• Donors will pledge an affordable monthly contribution to The Samaritan Pledge
• The funds received will be distributed among the recipients equally on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions
a) Who will administer the funds?
• It will be administered by the Samaritan Fund Committee, under the purview of the Bishop of Colombo.

b) How could I contribute?
• Place a standing order with your Bank to remit funds on a monthly basis to The Samaritan Pledge as per bank details given below. (this would be the preferred method)
• Directly deposit funds to The Samaritan Pledge account as per bank details given below.
• Send a cheque drawn in favor of The Samaritan Pledge by post or hand deliver to the address given below.

c) What would be the minimum amount?
• There is no minimum amount.
• We suggest that you prayerfully consider contributing an affordable monthly amount. This will help the Fund to provide the beneficiaries with a sustainable and continuous disbursement.

d) What if I am unable to continue my contribution?
• Don’t worry.
• We understand that any one of our donors may not be able to continue the contribution for a period of time or may even have to stop contributing, due to unforeseen circumstances.
• Take comfort that God understands - He is our Provider.

e) Could I contribute a lump sum?
• Yes. A lump sum is considered as a one off contribution of Rs. 500,000.00 and above.

• Any Donor may choose to contribute a lump sum to the beneficiaries as follows:-
o Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 1,000,000 will be distributed over 6 months.
o Rs. 1,000,001 to Rs. 2,500,000 will be distributed over 12 months.
o Rs. 2,500,001 and Rs. 5,000,000 will be distributed over a 24 months.
o A lump sum above Rs. 5,000,001 will be deposited into a capital fund and the interest earned will be distributed to beneficiaries on an ongoing basis.

f) Would I get a receipt for the funds given?
• Yes certainly, all you is to register yourself as a donor by filling and posting/delivering the form given below.
• Your remittance should indicate your NIC/Passport Number (State Country) as the reference. This number would then be used to identify your remittance.
• The NIC/Passport number would identify you with your address and a receipt will be posted to you.

g) Could I help in any other way?
• You certainly can, by getting involved by sending information about The Samaritan Pledge to your friends and family in Sri Lanka and Overseas. It is possible that someone you know may be willing to help, the cause espoused by The Samaritan Pledge.
Luke 6:38 says “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.... For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

You may never have thought of the Clergy and Lay workers who have been through the most memorable and trying times of your life with you, as being your “Neighbour”. We pray that you consider this thought.

We invite you to open your hearts and pledge generously to this – “The Samaritan Pledge”

The Lord, will bless you and your for your faithfulness to Him